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Indianapolis Independent Pediatricians is an award winning, independent pediatric practice located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Dr. Daniel Hayford is Pediatric Board Certified and oversees the care of pediatric children from newborn to age 18 years. We routinely manages well care, asthma, ADHD, and immunizations, as well as offer same day and next day appointments for illness.  

We serve the central and westside of Indianapolis in Indiana and we care for patients with commercial insurance and Indiana Medicaid.


We are affiliated with IU Health, Methodist, and St. Vincent Women’s Hospital. 


Kind Reminder:  Wearing a mask is still mandatory in the office.  Our medical staff will continue to wear masks.  Dr. Hayford will review the current number of COVID and FLU numbers in the city to determine how long the mask mandatory will continue in his office.


If you do not have a mask, we have them available for purchase or you may reschedule the appointment.  Thank you for your cooperation.


There are currently over 44 antibiotic shortages.  The list below is the most common antibotics which Dr. Hayford prescribes.  If the antibotic written for your child is not available at your pharmacy, specially ask which they have in stock.  The pharmacy may also be able to tell you the closest pharmacy available in your area if they do not have stock.  

  • Amoxicillin

  • Augmentin

  • Cephalexin (brand name is Keflex)

  • Cefdinir

  • Azithromycin

Other Medications Shortages

Millions of people who use certain common medicines and prescriptions may be finding it more difficult to get their normal prescriptions dispensed. This comes after pharmacies have all reported shortages of many different drugs.  If your local pharmacy doesn't have your medication, you can try other pharmacies to find the medication before the prescription has to be changed to an alternative product.  It's unlikely that medicines shortages are going to be resolved anytime soon. As such, it's important you speak with your pharmacist or doctor about any concerns you have, how shortages affect your medication supply, and what course of action you may need to take. It's important you don't use an alternative product without speaking to your pharmacist or doctor to avoid adverse side effects.

New Insurance for 2023

Please call our office when you receive your new 
insurance information.  This will allow us time to update your patient chart allowing for quicker service.  This will also allow us the opportunity to make sure we are accepting and in your insurance network.

Thank you.


We will do our VERY best to process refills within 48-business hours of receipt of the request.   

Please note Dr. Hayford has little to no time to refill requests during the business day as he is busy seeing patients.  Dr. Hayford often will do refill requests in the evening.  


With the out-of-stock challenges our nation is facing, same day turn around will be difficult so advance notice is needed for medication changes.  The physician must review every chart prior to refilling medications.   This may take a little longer than 48 hours depending on each patients history.


Refill requests received on Fridays will be processed on the following Monday or business day.  




Please check back often for

changes and additions. 

                        Thank you!

Spring Break 2023

Mon-Fri, 3/27 to 3/31

Summer Vacation  2023

Mon-Fri, 6/19 to 6/23

Mon-Fri, 7/17 to 7/21

  • Our answering service can help connect you with an on-call pediatrician to discuss any same day illnesses or acute injuries.   

  • NO Prescriptions Refills will be filled by the on-call physician.

  • Please call our office to reach our answering service or for more details.  

 777 Beachway Drive, Suite 210,  
Indianapolis, IN  46224
Tel: 317-293-7177      Fax: 317-293-3991     
Billing:  317-293-7177 option 5

Normal Business Office Hours
Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri - 8 am to 4:30 pm
Wed - 8 am to 11:30 am

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​At Indianapolis Independent Pediatricians our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, cost-effective pediatric care to infants, children, adolescents and young adults. We are committed to providing these services in a caring and cheerful environment.  Our associates promise to make our services efficient and effective.  To that end, we will stress prevention and education, as well as treatment.  We are committed to treating our patients with respect and honor their privacy.

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