Kind Reminder:  Wearing a mask is still mandatory in the office.  Our medical staff will continue to wear masks.  Dr. Hayford will review the current number of COVID and FLU numbers in the city to determine how long the mask mandatory will continue in his office.


If you do not have a mask, we have them available for purchase or you may reschedule the appointment.  Thank you for your cooperation.

HHS releases 3rd round

of COVID-19 tests

Available at, the tests are shipped to Americans' homes, with each household eligible for a total of eight tests

Couple with Daughter

The Importance of Childhood Checkups

Prevention, Growth and Development

Well-child visits give you the big picture of your child's health. 


First, every child has their own unique growth curve.  Dr. Hayford will help determine if your child is reaching developmental milestones when they should.  

As a parent, you might find your child is having a hard time with motor skills, schoolwork, speech or other areas of development.  If that happens, Dr. Hayford can provide resources to tackle those challenges early.  

Dr. Hayford can also provide information when you need extra support in a number of other areas.

If your child has missed their regular well-child visit (health checkup), now is a good time to catch-up!

Regular well-child visits are a key way for you and your child's doctor to keep up with your child's development and to make sure they are reaching appropriate milestones.




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changes and additions. 

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Our answering service can connect you with an on-call pediatrician to help and discuss any same day illnesses or acute injuries.  Please call our office to reach our answering service for more details.  

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Indianapolis Independent Pediatricians is an award winning, independent pediatric practice located in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Dr. Daniel Hayford is Pediatric Board Certified and oversees the care of pediatric children from newborn to age 18 years.  He routinely manages well care, asthma, ADHD, and immunizations, as well as offer same day and next day appointments for illness.  

We serve the central and westside of Indianapolis in Indiana and we care for patients with commercial insurance and Indiana Medicaid.


We are affiliated with IU Health, Methodist, and St. Vincent Women’s Hospital. 

We accept most commerical health insurance carriers.  If covered under Indiana Medicaid, we are in network for (MHS) Managed Health Services.

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​At Indianapolis Independent Pediatricians our mission is to provide quality, comprehensive, cost-effective pediatric care to infants, children, adolescents and young adults. We are committed to providing these services in a caring and cheerful environment.  Our associates promise to make our services efficient and effective.  To that end, we will stress prevention and education, as well as treatment.  We are committed to treating our patients with respect and honor their privacy.

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